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System Biosciences

System Biosciences,简称SBI,美国加州湾区新成立的生技公司,致力于独特、创新生物技术之开发,以研发利于基因及蛋白质功能鉴定、研究之崭新方法和工具为宗旨。 现阶段研发重心为RNA干扰(RNAi)研究之相关工具。System Biosciences (SBI) 致力于开发独特、革新的技术,为客户研究蛋白组学和基因组学功能提供研究工具。SBI 是专业的慢病毒产品公司,提供基于慢病毒.

System Biosciences (SBI) develops innovative research tools for Vector delivery technologies, MicroRNA research, Exosome research, and Genome Engineering tools, including the CRISPR-Cas9 SmartNuclease™ system and PrecisionX™ HR targeting vectors。 


Vector Technologies: 

• Powerful lentivector systems 

• One-step transfection piggyBac transposons 

• Single-copy gene additions with phiC31 integrase vectors 

• Sustained expression without integration with Minicircle DNA plasmids 

Exosome Research Tools: 

• Isolate exosomes with ExoQuick and ExoQuick-TC 

• Exo-Flow- Immunopurify exosomes on magentic beads and anlayze by FACS 

• Culture cells in exosome-depleted FBS

 • Verify exosome recovery with antibodies 

• Quantitate exosomes with ELISAs 

Genome Engineering: 

• RNA-guided Cas9 SmartNuclease system 

• Fast and efficient mutation correction / gene editing 

• HR donor vectors for knock-in, knock-out & tagging 

• High-throughput, targeted integration with PinPoint technology 

Stem Cell Research: 

• iPSC reprogramming systems 

• Growth factors and media 

• Pluripotency confirmation kits and antibodies 

• iPS celllines, normal and disease models 

• Promoter lineage reporters in lentivectors 

Non-coding RNA: 

• LncRNA qPCR profiling kits 

• miRNome and OncoMir qPCR profiling systems 

• Lenti-miR Precursor clone libraries – arrayed and pooled 

• miRZip anti-miR clones for stable miRNA inhibition Exo-NGS 

Custom Service: 

• Provide serum, tissue culture media, or other patient biofluids to SBI 

• SBI isolates exosomes, purifies RNA and generates high quality NGS libraries 

• Sequencing performed using Illumina MiSeq and HiSeq platforms 

• Comprehensive data analysis, including generation of heat maps and top hits, provided 

• NGS data loaded onto a custom UCSC Genome Browser for convenient viewing.


Lentiviral Technology

  • Expression Vectors
  • Cumate Inducible Vectors
  • Transcription Reporter Vectors
  • Virus Production
  • Reporter Cell Lines

Genome Engineering

  • EZ-TAL Assembly Kit
  • Cas9 SmartNuclease
  • HR Donor Vectors
  • phiC31 Integrase System
  • PinPoint Targeting System
  • PiggyBac Transposon

Molecular Tools

  • Cold Fusion cloning
  • MetaMorph Mutagenesis Kit
  • mRNAExpress RNA Synthesis Kit
  • PureFection transfection
  • Retrovirus concentration
  • Cyto-Tracers
  • Molecular Imaging Vectors
  • MycoQuick

Minicircle Technology

Stem Cell Research

  • Growth Factors and Media
  • iPSC Reprogramming Systems
  • Antibody and AP Staining Kits
  • iPS Cell Lines
  • Pluripotency Reporters
  • Transdifferentiation Factors
  • Differentiation Reporters

MicroRNA Research

  • Expression Profiling
  • MicroRNA Overexpression
  • MicroRNA Knockdown
  • MicroRNA Virus Libraries
  • Target Selection System
  • Discovery & Cloning

Exosome Research

  • Exosome Isolation
  • Exosome FACS
  • Exosome-depleted FBS
  • Exosome Detection
  • Serum microRNAs

LncRNA Research

RNAi Libraries

  • Application Overview
  • Human Genome-wide
  • Mouse Genome-wide
  • Pathway Focused

Gene Analysis

  • RNA-Quant cDNA Synthesis
  • FullSpectrum
  • MultiStart Primers
  • Interferon Response Detection Kit

Immunology Research

  • Foxp3 vectors
  • RORyt vectors
  • T cell Reporters


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