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SignalChem Lifesciences Corporation (SLC) is a biotechnology company registered in British Columbia, Canada. It has two arms of business: the bioreagent and service business and the drug discovery and development business. The bioreagent and service business was started as SignalChem Pharmaceuticals Inc (SCP) at its inception in 2004. SCP initially focused on producing kinase-related products to facilitate biomedical research and drug discovery efforts. The company’s current product line is more than 2000 which covers almost all the kinase targets of the entire kinome and the assays, epigenetic enzymes and assays, other signalling proteins and tools and services etc. The products created by the bioreagent business have given a significant advantage to SLC in its quest to generate novel drug candidates quickly and cost-effectively and this revenue generating business has been the foundation of the company’s drug discovery platform.

SLC’s drug discovery and development arm of business focuses on finding novel small molecule kinase inhibitors for the treatment of human diseases with unmet medical needs。 Coupling with our library of unique kinase-specific small molecule compounds, our experiences and expertise in the kinase allow us to deliver novel therapies against new and difficult-to-drug targets with a greater likelihood of success and better outcomes for patients。 This powerful target discovery engine has generated a robust drug candidate pipeline of novel kinase inhibitors for the treatment different type of cancers。In addition, the bioreagent products can also be used to develop diagnostic kits (Biomarkers) to support discovery and development of drug candidates using a personalized medicine approach。 This entails identifying those patients with the related kinase defect and applying a specific targeted therapy against the defective kinase which will improve SLC’s prospects of successful clinical development and improved patient outcome。

SLC’s business strategies in connection to the Company’s unique business structure are to continue generating rapidly growing short-term revenues from the bioreagent and service business while building long term value with significant potential upside from the new drug discovery and development business。 The future business of diagnostics in coupling with the company’s kinase expertise will provide a more rational scientific approach to the drug development process thereby providing an effective patient focused therapy while saving time and money。


Product Types


Active Acetyltransferases
Active Arginine Deiminases
Active GTPases
Active Histone Deacetylases
Active Kinase Mutants
Active Kinases
Active Nuclear Methyltransferases
Active Phosphatases
Active Phosphodiesterases
Active Protein Methyltransferases


Isoform Specific Antibodies
Modification Antibodies
Phospho Specific Antibodies
Primary Antibodies
Secondary Antibodies
Tag Antibodies

Biochemical Compounds

Epigenetic Enzyme Activators
Epigenetic Enzyme Inhibitors
Kinase Activators
Kinase Inhibitors
Phosphatase Inhibitors
siRNA Controls
siRNA Sets

Signaling Proteins

Adaptor Proteins
Apoptosis Proteins
Arginine Deiminases
Cell Cycle Proteins
Cell Stress & Chaperone Proteins
Cellular Proteins
Fructose Kinases
Kinase Mutant Proteins
Kinase Protein
Lysyl Oxidases
Microtubule/Actin Associated Proteins
Phospholipase C Proteins
Tau Proteins
Transcription Proteins
Ubiquitin Proteins
Unactive Kinases

Signaling Reagents

Assay Reagents
Oligo Substrates
Peptide Substrates
Protein Substrates

Extracellular Ligands

Growth Factors

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