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Repligen Corporation

Repligen Corporation是蛋白A的领先制造商,蛋白A是用于制造基于单克隆抗体的治疗剂的关键试剂。我们还提供几种生长因子产品,用于提高生物制造中的细胞培养生产力。在生物制造技术蓬勃发展的领域,我们开发并销售了一系列用于生物制品纯化过程的OPUS™一次性色谱柱.专注领域生命科学、生物制造、生物过程开发、色谱、蛋白A、生长因子、预填充柱。

Repligen is a bioprocessing-focused life sciences company bringing over 30 years of  expertise and innovation to our customers。 We are inspiring advances in bioprocessing through the development and commercialization of high-value products and flexible solutions that address critical steps in the production of biologic drugs, principally monoclonal antibodies。

Our core Protein A affinity ligands business is complemented by an expanding suite of technology-leading bioprocessing products that we sell direct to biopharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturers worldwide. All of our bioprocessing products are meaningfully differentiated from alternatives to the benefit of our customers. Our Protein A ligands are used to purify over 50 monoclonal antibody-based drugs on the market and more than 300 in clinical development.  Our XCell™ ATF cell concentration device, and cell culture supplements are at the forefront of innovation in bioprocessing.  To provide customers with the broadest selection of pre-packed chromatography columns from bench-scale to production-scale, Repligen acquired Atoll GmBH of Weingarten, Germany, solidifying Repligen as a leading supplier in this fast-growing segment.


XCell™ ATF System - Stainless Steel

XCell™ ATF Cell Retention System

The XCell™ ATF System in stainless steel comes in five different sizes for operation from lab-scale to production-scale。 Each system consists of a diaphragm pump in a stainless steel housing, a single-use hollow fiber filter cartridge, and a control system。

•XCell™ ATF 2 System

•XCell™ ATF 4 System

•XCell™ ATF 6 System

•XCell™ ATF 8 System

•XCell™ ATF 10 System

 XCell™ ATF System - Stainless Steel


The XCell™ ATF System is based on award-winning Alternating Tangential Flow (XCell™ ATF) technology, created by the action of a diaphragm moving upward and downward within a pump head, connected to a filter housing and attached to a bioreactor。 Alternating tangential flow is attained by the action of a diaphragm pump。

XCell™ atf technology


ATF Cell Retention System

•Continuous, provides clarified harvest ready for capture chromatography

•Efficient, delivers 100% cell retention, increases productivity

•Intensified, generates high cell concentration and viability

•Flexible, connects to any bioreactor and can be used in a variety of applications

•Gentle, reduces cell stress, increases cell viability and productivity

•Easy to use, reduces setup time and user training

•Scalable, adapts from development-scale to production-scale

•Self-cleaning, reduces biofilm build up on the hollow fiber filter

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